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Birthday Cakes Boynton Beach, FL Welcome to Joey’s Home Bakery, Palm Beach County’s only gluten-free bakery. We are a local wholesale/retail bakery selling fresh breads and baked goods that do not contain gluten. Our family has to follow a strict gluten-free and corn-free diet, so we understand the difficulty in finding options when you have to change the way you eat.

In our foods you will not find any preservatives, additives, artificial coloring, trans fats or high fructose corn syrup. We strive to be the best bakery in the Boynton Beach area. We have a shop located in Boynton Beach, FL as well as a kiosk at the Palm Beach Outlets and we can also be found at the Downtown West Palm Beach Market.

More and more people have to eat gluten-free due to illness or intolerance. When people first find out they can't eat gluten, they think they have to give up most foods. The truth is, there are a lot of foods that don't contain gluten and even more that can be prepared completely gluten-free.

Best Bakery Boynton Beach, FL Our bakers have experience using gluten-free ingredients to create delicious baked goods. We bake a wide variety of gluten-free items including cakes and breads. We take pride in providing the best baked goods for individuals with gluten intolerance.

We order gluten-free whole grain flour from Bob’s Red Mill, which is the leading gluten-free stone-ground flour manufacturer in Oregon. We then mix our own gluten-free bread mix, cookie mix and cake mix and only use whole grain flours such as, sorghum, millet, chickpea, organic quinoa and brown rice in our bread flour mix.

Our birthday cakes are delicious!

There’s no reason why you should miss out on a delicious dessert just because you have a gluten allergy. Our gluten-free bakery has a great selection of baked goods that taste just as good as, if not better than, the ones that do contain gluten. Enjoy decadent cookies, cupcakes, custom cakes, birthday cakes, fresh breads and muffins without fear.

“Best gluten-free breads I have found anywhere in Florida!!!” – Facebook comment for Joey’s Home Bakery.

gluten-free bakery Boynton Beach, FL "I was pleasantly surprised by Joey's Home Bakery - gluten-free baked goods, I am not gluten-free, but her baked goods taste better than baked goods made with gluten.  Everyone in the family can now enjoy the best bakery in Boynton Beach.  I have found the best tasting one here!!!" - Nicole M (Joey’s website testimonials).

Joey’s Home Bakery also sells to country clubs, restaurants, hotels, stores and schools in the area, so if you want to provide your customers with fresh, flavorful gluten-free desserts, give Joey’s a call for information.

Joey’s Home Bakery’s birthday cakes and other desserts can be found in their shop located at 1532 SW 8th St. Boynton Beach, FL 33426 or at their other location in the Palm Beach Outlets.  They are also frequently at the Downtown West Palm Beach Green Market.  To get a better idea of all the scrumptious foods you can purchase, please visit the Joey’s Home Bakery website.

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